Construction Supervision

Código Arquitectura has also managed an intense work as Construction Supervision. Over the last 20 years more than 215.000m² have been built under our supervision, what means an estimated budget about 125 million Euros.


To make this work possible, we rely on a strong professional team. Architects and Engineers ensure quality and fulfillment in the whole project, from beginning to end. Along these years we have introduced in our buildings new ways of constructive and typology systems.

The Coordination of construction work safety and health is a great value to guarantee the achievement of our work and keep the safety of all who work in there. We are in charge of the whole process. 

The Health and Safety Coordination is a key pillar for the development of the works were produced in the right conditions for all participants. Our team takes place this co-ordination parallel to those management duties to ensure the best possible safety conditions at work.