Energy Audits

An energy audit of a building analyses energy flows in order to identify improvement opportunities for energy saving. During the development of an audit we will consider not only energy efficiency, but also the comfort of users, and issues such as safety, health and accessibility, as we understand buildings in a holistic way. 


Auditorías EnergéticasThe analysis of the energy performance of the building, through the study of its envelope, active facilities, patterns of use and consumption on bills, enables us to identify system weaknesses. 

We count on professionals in each area of study, and we use the most reliable means to obtain all relevant information: thermography, measurement of operation parameters of facilities, and analysis of visual and hygrothermal comfort conditions in interior spaces.   


We propose strategies, both passive (insulation of envelope, shading devices, natural ventilation, passive heating and cooling, etc.) and active (more efficient facilities and / or renewable energies), to obtain the most efficient behaviour. 

We study the energy and cost savings achievable through energy rehabilitation and repayment terms. 

We develop the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) after refurbisment, which results in an improvement in market value by informing the future user that energy consumption of the building will be lower than the common practice.  


By installing simple devices that control the consumption of resources (mainly energy and water) it is possible to make an assessment of the results over time. Informed users can make decisions that improve their habits of consumption. 

The automation of certain processes (natural ventilation, shading devices…) based on indoor and outdoor conditions can significantly reduce the energy consumption of a building under certain conditions (absence of the user, complex systems, etc.).