Energy-efficient refurbishment

We perform energy refurbishment projects for buildings of any type. After a thorough analysis of the existing building, we establish the improvement opportunities and we develop a proposal of intervention, taking into account the specific needs of each user (for example, establishing a work planning that make refurbishment compatible with the operation of the building). 

We study the possibilities to reduce energy demand and improve efficiency, acting both in the building envelope (insulation, replacement of windows, sunscreens, etc.), and in the facilities (performance improvement, change of equipment, incorporation of renewable, etc..), to finally reach a comprehensive proposal that maximizes the energy savings potential of each building. We cover all phases of the process from the previous audit until the drafting of the project and works management.

We also develop new construction projects, where we apply bioclimatic strategies and the most appropriate passive and active measures, as a result from the study of the conditions of the project and the simulation of the proposed strategies.

All this, developed under the premises of respect to the environment, energy efficiency, easy maintenance, building conservation, optimization of constructive solutions and durability of materials and systems.