CÓDIGO URBANISMO is the planning department of CÓDIGO ARQUITECTURA Group, a company with over 20 years of history and a great experience in the development of all kinds of plans and projects, especially in the design, preparation and processing of urban planning documents, both General Planning and Development, and Urban Management (Performance, Re-zoning and Urbanization).

Planeamiento General   Planeamiento de Desarrollo   Proyectos de Urbanización
Urban planning   Development planning   Urban development Projects
Proyectos de Reparcelación   Gestión Urbanística   Consultoría y Asesoramiento
Re-zoning projects   Management activities   Consultancy and advisory




CHT TalaveraCODIGO ARQUITECTURA wins INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR THE RECOVERY OF ALBERCHE AND TAJO RIVERS MARGINS IN TALAVERA DE LA REINA (Toledo, Spain). The conquest was organized by Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo. The proposal was developed in collaboration with DELFOS PROYECTOS and CIH, and following the advice of FUNDACIÓN TAGUS. A great work of the whole team!

The proposal is divided into 12 drafts to be developed in the coming months. The jury praised “integration of architecture, engineering, landscaping and environment, respect for the natural values of the river and protection of ecosystems, inclusion of regeneration measures for banks and islands and promoting enjoyment of river for citizens“.

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