Development planning

Development Planning consists of a number of instruments that are intended to define the detailed planning determinations of an area defined by a general planning tool in developing the provisions set forth by it.

Depending on the extent and type of land to develop, we discuss Partial Plans, Special Plans, Special Internal Reform Plans and Infrastructure, Detailed Studies, Chart of Real and Protected Areas, etc … and their punctual modifications.

img_12Partial Plans aim to establish the detailed planning of the areas of land for development, or to amend or supplement, if necessary, the detailed planning already established by the general plan.

Special Plans develop, complete and even, exceptionally, replace all planning determinations, in order to protect unique areas, carry out internal reform operations, coordinating the implementation of town planning funding, new infrastructure project, or other purposes specified in the regulations.

The Detailed Studies are intended in consolidated urban land, edit the detailed planning already established by general planning or ordering just volumes complete buildable. And in consolidated urban land, establish the detailed planning or modify or supplement that had already established the general plan, if any.

Inventory protected property are intended to supplement the findings of planning instruments, development general or relating to the conservation, protection and improvement of urban heritage, architectural, historical, cultural, natural and landscape. Individualized tokens include each of the elements to be protected, and determine their different degrees of protection.

In most instances, the Development Planning involves the drafting of various studies and reports that are processed together with the same: Environmental Assessment Studies, Environmental Sustainability Reports, Acoustic Surveys, Hydrology, Sanitation Infrastructure , Soil Pollution, etc.. we develop parallel to the main document.

The vast experience of our technical team in the drafting of these documents has given many urban development viability, and management experience has enabled them to shorten the processing times for many performances.