Re-zoning projects

Re-zoning Projects are responsible for establishing technical documents the terms in the equal distribution is performed, which is a part of enforcement activity by which it occurs, the distribution of the uses assigned by the planning and equitable distribution of the burdens and benefits associated with it, including landowners included in certain territorial areas previously defined.

Proyectos de ReparcelaciónRe-zoning means the transformation of the estates affected by a development and stock options, to suit urban planning determinations by applying the criterion of direct proportion to the values given to that operation. Therefore, by land subdivision, is able to transform original estates, or provided, the owners of a certain area on estates resulting, or awarded, where all urban rights are consolidated.

Land subdivision includes defining materialize plots where assignments of public facilities to municipalities, by which these get the land for roads, parks, public facilities and infrastructure, as well as corresponding to profitable use Hall. Re-zoning Projects, once approved, are recorded in the land registry, thus being equal distribution process is complete.

The expertise of our technical and legal team, ensures the necessary flexibility and complete legality of the process.