Urban development projects

Proyectos de UrbanizaciónThe Urban development Projects are technical documents intended to establish the conditions in which they must execute the development works of a street, square, polygon, sector execution unit, etc. These are documents that define how you are going to run an urban proposal in greater detail. The give you precise instructions, charts and written of how will the road network, pedestrian areas, parks and gardens. It also defines how and in what way they are structured and executed urban services such as sewer, water supplies, gas, electricity, both low voltage and medium voltage line telephone and other telecommunications networks, etc.. Also includes appendices with all the necessary calculations to justify the conditions and capacity of all items.

The Development Projects also incorporate the measurements and detailed budget for the works to be performed, based on which the manufacturer shall carry out the work under the supervision of the Project Manager..

Our multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the drafting and development Project management, ensures the proper execution of the contracted works, based on the conditions and deadlines.