Quality and ecodesign policy

In order to achieve a high level of quality of all activities of writing projects, project management and execution of work address, and aware of the need to cooperate in environmental protection, CODIGO ARQUITECTURA, S.L.P. is committed to the continuous improvement of its activity, with the following principles:

La dirección de con el fin de alcanzar un alto nivel en la calidad de todas sus actividades 

  • Achieving customer satisfaction, adapting to their needs and proposing appropriate environmental improvements to each project. 
  • Fulfilment of legal requirements, regulatory and applicable technical and other requirements subscribed by the Studio with their customers. 
  • The continuous improvement and pollution prevention throughout the life cycle of the building. 
  • Ensuring the members of the team the level of participation, training, motivation and technical means for the efficient conduct of its business. Also enhance personal and professional development of all of them. 
  • Use of natural resources in a rational way to reduce consumption. 
  • Improve buildings from design and development, from knowledge of environmental issues, avoiding the transfer of environmental impacts from one stage of the life cycle to another. 
  • Provide all stakeholders an exciting project company, in constant anticipation of customer needs, changes in the industry and have a stable in time.